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  • Learn Your Favorite Songs

    The goal of this course is for you to learn all the skills you need to learn the songs that you love, and have dreamed of playing, no matter the difficulty, style, or genre.

  • Learn Right From A Lefty

    As a right handed student learning from a left handed teacher you will simply mirror what I am doing, making learning the guitar fast and easy

  • Take Your Time

    A step by step guide where you choose how fast or slow you wish to go.

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All you need to enroll in FaceMe Guitar Academy and start fulfilling your dream of learning the guitar:

  • A guitar of any kind

  • A willingness to learn

Your Teacher

Tyler Coates a professional guitarist of 14 years and founder of the Mirror Music Method has been teaching guitar ever since he knew how. He loves to watch his students grow, and find a new love of playing the guitar. He has played in over 10 bands of all skill levels, has performed live multiple times, and has recorded on studio albums. He also has a music ministry called Rooted Worship, and is now in the process of recording an album. He has a incredible love for music and how it positively effects the mind.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How To Hold The Guitar

    • Parts Of The Guitar

    • Getting In Tune

    • Tuning Bonus Lesson

    • Getting The Basics

    • Let's Get Strumming

    • Chords, Chords and More Chords

    • Faster, Smarter, Stronger

    • Strum, Count, Play

    • Guitar Maintenance